Paris and New York are still two of the world’s most favorite destinations but today, there are many laid-back tourist destinations in the world that attract even the most savvy of travelers. Here are a few examples.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro offers more than picturesque beaches but also a delectable cuisine that starts off with the country’s signature cocktail, the Caipirinha, that has captivated the rest of the globe. Hiking adventures at the Tijuca rainforest and Sugarloaf Mountain, as well as water adventures in Guanabara Bay and Arpoador Rock attract tourists from all over the world. Of course, there’s the world-famous carnivals and night life that can only be found in Brazil.


For starters there’s the Cliffs of Moher, which is probably the most breathtaking places that travelers must see for themselves. Another magical place in Ireland is a huge limestone-filled area called the Burren where, amazingly, rare plants that won’t grow anywhere else in the whole world can be found. For some fairytale-like adventures, there are many castles that you can visit in Ireland. One of which is the Blarney Castle that was used as the MacCarthy’s fotress in ancient times.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

It may be a small town but it sure has an array of must-visit local bars, adventure tourism sports and good restaurants that feature the best of the local cuisine and scene. For travelers who are into adventure sports, Puerto Viejo’s Salsa Brava is the best thing next to the Bonzai Pipeline of Hawaii. If you get tired of the beach scene, you can head to the Cahuita National Park and the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge to explore the local wildlife. ATV tours, zip-line posts and other underwater adventures await travelers who are yearning for some adrenaline rush activities.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is a country where age-old traditions are upheld while the country soars in terms of technology and modern conveniences. For its cultural havens, head to the National Place Museum to see the wide collection of Chinese art they have. The Taipei Flora Expo celebrates the country’s reputation as the top orchid producers in the world. Taiwan’s rich landscape offers great hiking opportunities and the people’s hospitality makes things easier for tourists visiting the country for the first time. Now for some gastronomic treats, dine at Dintaifung and enjoy the country’s best dumplings.

Santiago, Chile

Today, as the Andes Mountains took witness, the city of Santiago has become a buzzing megalopolis filled with world-class hotels, museums, bistros, and even the home of one of the world’s best fashion museums, the Museo de Moda. There’s also the Patio Bellavista where numerous restaurants and chic stores are situated. The Metropolitan Park, which is bigger compared to NY’s Central Park in terms of land area, is being renovated to give way to more than ten gardens, a zoo, and a cable car feature. The new Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, which was launched just last year, is also another tourist attraction that features the city’s rich history.

Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido features a quaint European influence in terms of architecture and the country’s breathtaking natural landscapes and wildlife. Hokkaido is also known as a place for great winter sports and its Sapporo Beer. When visiting Hokkaido, make sure you stop at Sushikin Honten in Hakodate and order their king salmon dish. The place is also famous for its squid, sashimi, and stewed dishes. And since Hokkaido is rich in flowing agricultural landscapes, their beef and other dairy products are simply the best you can find in Japan.

Kent Coast, England

When you think of England, you think of the Buckingham Palace, but England really offers an array of magnificent beaches and quaint seaside towns like the ones found in Kent Coast. When coming here, make sure you drop by the areas of Ramsgate and Whistable. The Broadstairs is also a good seaside resort you can stay in for the duration of your trip. The county of Kent is known as 'The Garden of England', as such a title suggests, the stunning countryside, fresh produce and spectacular gardens make Kent a perfect destination for nature-lovers. If you are travelling in Spring or Autumn, there are many garden shows to see the best flowers and meet local gardeners. After that, why not head for a beer festival to indulge in the tasty county ales and cider? For those seeking for some adventure, you can take on the Viking Coastal Path that stretches to 27 miles and feature some of England’s grand and oldest churches in history. The Bleak House and the Dickens House Museums can also be found here.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta has a rich history that stems back the civil war but today, there are many attractions that invite tourists to come see Georgia. The Cheatham Hill, the Kennesaw Mountain (or the National Battlefield Park), the World of Coca-Cola Musuem, and of course, the world’s biggest aquarium. For some more history, Atlanta is also the home of Federal parks that pay tribute to the works of Martin Luther King, Jr. The High Museum of Art and the Fox Theater are also big crowd pleasers while the neighborhoods of Midtown, Buckhead, and Virginia-Highlands offer great establishments for shopping, dining, and club-hopping.

Stockholm, Sweden

There are so many things to see in Stockholm—the medieval-like, romantic, cobble stoned streets of Gamla Stan; the Djurgården Island that boasts of approximately 10 million tourists year after year; the “Grona Lund” Amusement Park, the open museum called the Skansen, the remarkable Vasa Museum or the Vasamuseet (preserved 17th century ship), the changing of the royal guards, and so much more. There’s also the Ice Hotel and as the name suggests, it’s made of ice and is constructed every winter for the visitors to enjoy.

Ponza & the Pontine Islands, Italy

On your next visit to Italy, make it a point to visit Ponza. Like a scene in a movie, visiting Ponza requires a trip on a boat, walking along the seashore, and even swimming in less crowded coves that can’t be traveled by land. The sunset in Ponza is unlike any other. Ponza is fast becoming popular, though it already has its share of visitors but if you want to bask in the island grandeur of Ponza, book a trip either in June or September when, according to the locals, the island is at its best. Two other Pontine islands, the Zannone and the Palmarola, are also magnificent destinations when coming to Italy.



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