You’re no longer twelve, so those sleepovers just won’t do. Where should you and the girls go to, to bond after long hours of work at the office? Whether it’s clubbing, surfing, cooking, or shopping that keeps you and your girls tight, you’re sure to love these prime girl getaway destinations. They’ll definitely make you forget about your boy troubles and killer workload, at least for the weekend.

Shop till you Drop in New York City

Imagine an entire city filled with the best deals in the country—from perfumes to electronic gadgets, handbags to baby clothes, you name it, and New York City has got it. For your girls’ night out, though, you will want to visit the boutiques lining Madison Avenue and SoHo, and the ultra-fashionable sale items at Henri Bendel’s.

The Chinatown shops are also good places to look if you’re in search of bargains. Designer knock-offs in this city just seem to be everywhere. The best part of all is that you can model your cool finds at the end of the day. NYC is also famous for its nightclubs and posh restaurants. They’re the perfect places to display your cool new outfit.

Unless you’re already in New York City, you will want to get the best New York City Vacation Packages. Just go to their website for the listings. A two-night stay at the Big Apple starts at $228 per person. There are also three- to five-star hotels for you to choose from, depending on your budget.

Go Clubbing on the South Beach

If you and your ladies like looking at the limelight and being in the limelight as well, then it’s time to pack your best club outfits because you and your girls are going clubbing in the South Beach. In Miami, it’s alright to be sexy 24/7. That means soaking up the sun from morning till afternoon and bearing more of that hotness once the happy hour strikes.

Parties in Miami happen all year round. There’s no low or peak season here because the weather’s always peachy and the people, always drop dead gorgeous. During the day, enjoy the Art Deco city and shop for clothes and accessories for as long as your plastic money can handle it. After shopping, the streets are your runway. You can even rollerblade with your posse if you dare. It’s perfectly alright to do that in a bikini, too.

The beaches in Miami are also naturally sugar-white. You’d want to perfect your tan and maybe even grab you and the girls some decent dudes to date while you’re there. Miami is the best place to go if you’re looking for gorgeous people. Of course, partying just with the girls once the sun’s down is also encouraged. You don’t have to stay in one Miami club in particular just to have some fun. In fact, forget club loyalty, just hop around.

You’re sure to find clubs in the strip which would suit your style. If this is your kind of girl-getaway, then go ahead and book a trip for the weekend now. Look up the Gansevoort Miami Beach. They’re offering a two-night-Out-and-About package which covers accommodations in deluxe rooms, a bottle of good old Vodka, Red Bull, drink vouchers for two, VIP tickets to the Mansion Nightclub, and more.

The rate for this package begins at $270 a night for two people. Each room can’t accommodate more than two people, so you better book early if you’re bringing the entire gang.

View Artworks in Florence

Let’s say you and your girl buddies just haven’t had enough from school. This weekend, you want something that would feed your mind and soul. In other words, you’re craving for some high culture. The only place you can get it is in Florence, Italy. Here, you get to visit some of the most gorgeous works of architecture created by man. There’s Palazzo Vechhio and David by Michaelangelo, and the building where the Birth of Venus by Boticelli.

Skip the day tours and just customize your trip with the girls. Visit museums and buildings that strike a common chord with all of you. After a day full of art, you can grab yourself a gelato. This cup of creamy goodness is a must-have even for the most figure conscious women. The best place to get this treat is beside the Ponte Vecchio. Look for the Carozza and order the choco-hazelnut flavored treat.

While scooping gelato from the cup, grab the best views of the Arno River with the Tuscan countryside as a backdrop. Stroll over the bridge just to catch the breeze and you’ll agree—Italy has never looked or tasted better.

For booking concerns, visit Gate1travel’s website. They have the best packages to Florence. The most competitive one we’ve seen is a six-day vacation package which includes the roundtrip airfare and breakfast. This is only a tempting $959 per person, and will be available till this October.

Party in Las Vegas

If you want the wildest parties in town, the best place to go is Las Vegas. While Sin City is more popular for its Casinos, lately, it’s been breeding a lot of posh chick-clubs, too. What does that mean? Las Vegas is politically gender-correct, now, and they’re catering to women with purchasing power, meaning you and your girlfriends.

You can find anything here, some which you probably didn’t even think possible. Bathe like a queen and have your whole body treated with Swarovski crystal-art at Qua Bath and Spa. This is right inside the Caesar’s Palace. You can also shop to your heart’s content at the Crystals shopping complex. This is located inside the City Center.

The Chippendales show at the Rio shouldn’t be missed, either. You’ll be having a lot of fun, some which you’d want to leave and forget once you leave Las Vegas.

The best place to lodge in is the Four Seasons Hotel. You’ll also save more money when you pay for two nights, because the third night is always for free. They also give out a $50 credit which you can spend at the spa. If you’re interested, just look for their Stay Longer package, with rates starting at $119 a night.

Learning to Cook in Provence

It’s time to expand your culinary expertise beyond the 30-minute-meals of Rachel Ray. Some dishes just take a lot more time and attention, and perhaps the best way for you to learn that is by stepping out of your hectic life in the big city. Take a break with the girls and go to Provence. You’ll be taken to lush fields filled with lavender.

This is the same land that produced Van Gogh and Cezanne. If the scenery can produce geniuses of that level, it will be able to able to inspire you to cook food the level of high art. The hillside villages of Provence are homes to four-hour meals which bring back the old passion for cooking we all once had.

The rustic scenery and proximity to rare ingredients will help you think like one of the master chefs of the area. You can even learn how to make a bouillabaisse worthy of a blue ribbon, and to choose the best wines for the right meals. Some tour packages also let you take your friends out to restaurants rated with Michelin stars.

To book the perfect cooking trip to Provence, stay off Food Network. Instead, click on The International Kitchen and go on a six-night trip to the French countryside. The package includes your accommodations and trips across Provence. You’re likely to pay about $2,980 per head, but the rates can drop. This rate is for two people traveling together.



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