Outdoorsy types will definitely want to immerse themselves in the wild, even if they’re just trying to relax after a harrowing week at work. A trip to a lake somewhere is the perfect answer to this call. However, if you’ve been to your local lake one too many times, you may want to widen your horizon and drive further. Check out the following top lake destinations that we know of:

Italy: Lake Como

Of course, nothing beats a trip to Italy. If you can already go there, you might as well visit Lake Como. The French writer Stendhal once described this place as “enchanted” with beauty that’s “unequaled” by other pastoral spots across the globe. While you might see the world in less romanticized terms today, Lake Como is still one of the most glamorous weekend getaways in the world.

Best of all, it’s only about an hour’s drive from Milan. There are a lot of five-star villas and resorts to choose from. Because of its proximity to the city and its “untouched” vibe, it never fails to attract the rich and famous who frequent Italy.

Just to give you a taste of the countryside, you’ll be seeing palatial-looking villages lining the banks of the lake. The place is so beautiful that Hollywood’s George Clooney decided to invest in a property here. If you’re looking for the best hotel, you should book a room at the Villa d’Este. You’ll be awed by its 16th century Renaissance architecture.

Imagine graceful marble fountains on a sprawling garden which faces the shore of the lake. Country has never been this luxurious. This is “roughing it out” like royalty.

New York: Finger Lakes

Are you somewhere near New York, but the prospect of walking through the shopping capital just seems too stressful? There’s another side to New York you might want to see. Sandwiched between northern Pennsylvania and Ontario is the Finger Lakes district. This area is very popular among kids spending their summers in camps. There’s a wide myriad of relaxing lakeside resorts to choose from and you’ll never run out of recreational activities.

The historic sites and the vineyards are sure to satisfy your countryside cravings as well. Schedule your visit during one of the festivals and you’ll experience the best of the wine trails. It’s almost like visiting a little Italy in your own back yard.

Why is the district called Finger Lakes? There is a total of eleven, slender and fingerlike tributaries stretching out across the area. They all run parallel to each other, which make the terrain pretty unique. The most notable stops here are the Keauka and Seneca Lakes, so if you’re looking for resorts, stay in one that’s near either tributary. This lake trip is great for family vacations as well as weekend getaways with your partner.

Japan: Lake Kawaguchi

If you’ve seen enough of the world renowned Mt. Fuji, you might also want to check out Japan’s Five Lakes, locally known as Fujigoko. These peaceful pools are also in the same district, and they make for quite an awesome summer vacation. You’ll be feeling very Zen after the trip. The most notable among these lakes is Lake Kawaguchi. It’s also the easiest to access if you’re coming from Japan’s capital, Tokyo.

Most Japanese vacationers go here because you can reach it even if you’re just taking the public transportation. The resort is the most popular homebase for those who wish to go sight-seeing, or those who plan to climb the treacherous peak of Mt. Fuji.

Of course, you don’t even have to leave the lake to have some fun. Fishing and other water sports are also popular here. There is also a number of hot springs in the area, which make the lake one of the most viable R&R destinations in Japan.

England: Lake District

The most beautiful pastoral sites are those which have been immortalized by the pens of the greatest writers. When we think about Keats, Charlotte Bronte, and Tennyson, we’re automatically taken back to the Lake District of England. Today, the Lake District is unquestionably the most popular vacation spots for lake lovers.

Why? It has retained its moody waters, hamlets and rolling knolls. You should look at the Lake Windermere, which is the biggest English lake, is located at the Cumbria County. You can cruise here, take part in water sports, or soak up the sun in its shores. If you want some cultural side trips, the home of William Wordsworth is just nearby.

His Grasmere estate is open to the public. You can also visit the home of Beatrix Potter which is a 17th century house reminiscent of all the children’s book she has ever written. The Birdoswald Roman Fort should also be worthy of your visit. This monument dates back to AD 122, and was built by the early Romans. The structure has been marked a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nevada: Lake Mead

Are you coming from a wild party in Las Vegas, and you just don’t feel like going home to the city yet? You can detoxify and rest in Lake Mead, Nevada. Just join the chatter of excited tourists as they ogle at the massive Hoover Dam. There’s also the Colorado River which invites fans of water sports.

If you really want to be at the center of it all, though, the place to go to is the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. You can do anything here, from fishing, swimming, waterskiing, and windsurfing to enjoying the scenic desert backdrop. Photographers always find this site a promising subject with its unique rock formations.

There’s enough room for everyone at the beach even during peak seasons. There are numerous beaches in the vicinity, as well as picnic spots and scenic shorelines. You can even take a paddle-wheeler cruise which will give you an interesting tour of the dam and the lake. The sunset speaks for itself, and renting a sailing boat or having dinner at the cruise is something you shouldn’t miss out on.



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