Circumnavigated in 1769 by Captain James Cook, New Zealand is one of the last uncharted lands. Its colonization by the England formally started around 1840 after the British and the Maori signed the Treaty of Waitangi. Today, the country is still a veritable country of emerald greens and draws tourists largely because of its unspoilt natural wonders.

Since New Zealand is a hotbed for tourism, there are a lot of activities that you can do in the country to unwind. However , in order to have the best experience of New Zealand, you can check on this list of adventures that are worth experiencing.

Hang gliding for two in Queenstown

For a bird’s eye view of Queenstown, tourists can savor the adventure of hang gliding. It’s an amazing bonding experience for couples. However, those new to the thrills of hang gliding opt instead to use the vacant spot for a veteran hang glider.

If you are looking for an experienced team and tour agency for this, try SkyTrek. SkyTrek has flown over 40,000 hang gliding sessions. You can choose to fly gently while flying through the landscape where Lord of the Rings was filmed or indulge the daredevil in you by choosing the more speedy and thrilling ride.

Skydive into Mt. Doom

The town of Taupo is known for its landscape of Mt. Ngauruhoe  which served a role in Lord of the Rings as Mt.Doom. The town’s guests consists mostly of skydivers who flock there to sky dive and get an aerial view of the mountain and the lake. Taupo draws 30,000 for the skydiving experience alone, however jumping off a plane is not the only great thing going for the town. It also has hot pools.

Tourists recommend Skydive Taupo if you want to go skydiving. The tour guides will be taking you out of town and into the airport on their limousine. Aside from this they are offering a DVD recording of your jump.

Solemn moments at Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove sits at a marine life rich spot in the Coromandel Peninsula being in close proximity to several other islands there. Because of this the cove is under preservation and local authorities mean to keep it as pristine as possible. This makes  the area Cathedral Cove one of the best untouched locations in the country.

For the best experience of the cove, wake up early and beat the tourists. Going through the trail usually takes 45 minutes.

Grapple with Monster Burgers

If an ogre from Lord of the Rings wanted a burger, it doesn’t have to go overseas. Aside from offering traditional English favorites in fish and chips and baked beans, some restaurants in New Zealand prides themselves in serving overly large sized burgers which patties rival the size of small throw pillows.

Some burger aficionados visit the Fergburger restaurant in Queenstown for their large sized patties. However this establishment has competition in the Taranaki region’s Naki Burger. This food establishment is a quarter more larger with servings of boiled egg, pickles, tomatoes, mayonnaise, bacon, lettuce and onions thrown in the mix. Competitive eaters can consider themselves challenged.

Walk With Fire in White Island

One of the more active volcanic sites in the world, White Island is constantly on alert level 2. The island itself shows several craters but the main vent is hidden below the depths of the mountain. White Island is just actually the peak of a massive volcano below the sea. Tourists can go take a hike around the island provided they wear gas masks and hard hats to protect them. There are several fumaroles venting steam and major craters which house steaming sulphuric lakes. Of course the main draw of the tour is the not too distant actuality of outrunning lava once the volcano becomes majorly irate.
The Power of the Zorb

Fancy being a hamster for a few thrilling minutes? If the answer is yes, then get strapped to a Zorb ball and let the people from Zorb push you downhill. This sounds a crazy proposition but a few minutes inside the 3.5 m plastic inflatable orb has customers agog. The facility for this particular wackiness is just a kilometer off Rotorua. This activity is definitely one of the things worth doing. You can choose to be either dry by sticking with the Zorbit ride or go on wetsuit and roll around an orb filled with water called the Zydro.

Dune’s Up

In New Zealand snowboarding and surfing both receive application in the Ninety Mile Beach. The beach is actually an 88 kilometer stretch that can only be traversed by four wheel drive vehicles like dune buggies. Aside from the waters, Ninety Mile Beach’s sands are ripe for some surfing. People do some body boarding on the vast expanse. If you want to take a break from surfing the dunes, you can try digging for shellfish, fishing or exploring the forest that borders the beach.

Have Trail, Will Hike

New Zealand has a plethora of trails which offer challenges to enterprising hikers. One of the most sought after hiking trips in the world, the Milford Track is 53.5 kilometers long journey filled with exhilarating views of forests, fjords, alpine basins and weathered canyon faces. The trail will take time – around 5 days to complete. If you are planning to go for a long hike, get a guide licensed by the Department of Conservancy so you can use the huts along the route.

If you want to undertake the arduous hike Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee encountered in the movie, you can try several of the great walks that bring you views of Mt.Ngauruhoe. The Tongariro track will only take you one day and it will give you a view of the mountain. A dip in the hot pool awaits at the end of the journey. Another walking trip takes around 5 days and it is called the Northern Tongariro Track, which probably offers a hike close to the journey in Lord of the Rings. In this trip, hikers will encounter cold weather conditions and snow as well as back country. If you are to travel this route, prepare some tramping boots and make sure you are fit enough to travel steep pathways.

Tank You

If you feel that the sparkly environments in New Zealand had softened you up, then there’s no better way to feel powerful than being behind the wheel of tank. The company Tanks for Everything rents out several tanks for anyone who has ever fantasized about hitching a ride on one of the beasts. There are several units available with different price ranges. Since this will probably be a rare treat for you, why not ride the biggest bad boy in their fleet? You can choose either the Centurion model or the T-55AM2 fresh of the vestiges of the Cold War.



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