Tagging has always been an art form, one that is rarely appreciated by local governments. While it’s often associated with gangs, drugs, violence, and turf wars, the truth is that most tagging groups have nothing to do with anything so sordid as that. They are just local artists who love to share their work, to bring something unique to the community.
That’s why many places all over the world have began to create legal tagging spaces where you can share your best graffiti art, and people will actually thank you for it. This removes the risk of lawsuits, heavy fines, and even jail time that many taggers have sadly fallen victim to in the last several years. And you won’t have to worry about some advocacy group showing up and white washing your mark.

Europe – While it may seem like a wide area (and it is) there are over 100 legal tagging areas across Europe, the most walls located in the UK, and the quite a few spread throughout France.

Rochester, New York – Behind the popular Village Gate are several free walls with some amazing art already present, and some awesome opportunities to add your own.

Ottawa, Canada – The Bronson bridge is home to two large tagging walls that have stood for over 5 years, and if that wasn’t enough, it’s also the site of Canada’s popular House of Paint festival, and hip hop festival that features local taggers, MCs, and Bboys.

San Diego, California – San Diego is home to the incredible Market Street free walls, where there are plenty available to tag without a permit. Just don’t leave your empty cans!

Indianapolis, Indiana – There is only one wall here available, and only on Labor Day Weekend, but some of the countries best taggers have been featured here. Everyone wants to be a part of this wall.

Sydney, Australia – Sydney, Australia holds one of the most famous tagging areas in the world, the University of Sydney’s Graffiti Tunnel. It’s open to anyone, and your tags will stay up, as long as it isn’t classified as “offensive material”.

Samara, Russia – Russia seems to be one country that is a little short on legal tagging areas, but in an area near Ladia there is a 200 meter span for graffiti. I am unsure if it’s technically legal, but it doesn’t seem as though anyone will give you grief for it.

Kobenhavn, Denmark – There are several walls, as well as a wall of fame, in this area of Denmark, and it seems to be fairly friendly to taggers.

Stockholm, Sweden – There are plenty of walls around Stockholm and surrounding areas, including one rather large one.

Oslo, Norway – There are quite a few places (around 3 or 4) in this area of Norway, including Hausmanns Gate, where there are walls surrounded by areas where artists and musicians frequently reside.

For more information about legal tagging in or around your area, check out sites like http://www.legal-walls.net.



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