Who does not enjoy sipping a beautifully-designed glass of margarita, after a hard day’s work, or simply while hanging with friends? If you find yourself lonely in America, here are some of the best margarita bars to visit – and possibly make friends at.

Jimmy’s in Aspen at Aspen, Colorado
It’s not enough to have fine drinks; it’s always best to sip your margarita with a spectacular view, and this place offers a view of the Rocky Mountains, which surround the place. Jimmy’s has been an institution in Aspen, Colorado, as it serves over a hundred mescals and tequilas. The locals swear by its margaritas, and if you stumble into this bar on a Saturday night, Jimmy’s is a legendary host of Latin dance parties. Groove your way through glasses of wonderful margaritas.

Viktor & Spoils in New York City
If you’re wondering where the place got its name, it has a colorful history: a certain agave farmer and dog were met by the owners as they were touring Mexico. Fascinated by the two, the owners decided to name their bar after them. The place really becomes alive late at night, and this tequila bar only uses high-end ingredients; using them in smoky-tart, 69-dollar Decadent Daisy, 1942 Don Julio anejo tequila, 100th anniversary Grand Marnier, and the Del Maguey Sto. Domingo Albarradas mezcal, topped with freshly-squeezed lime juice and tangerine. For luxurious drinkers, this one will definitely give a heavenly taste.

Hugo’s in Houston, Texas
It will come as a surprise to know that this was actually a plumbing store before it became a fine dining Mexican restaurant. There are just so many tequilas on stock in this wonderful dining place, and Texans know this place as serving some of the finest margaritas. The margaritas are shaken tableside, creating a balanced and simple drink: blanco tequila that’s unaged, plus the essential Cointreau and freshly-squeezed lime juice.

Big Star in Chicago
Paul Kahan, one of the finest chefs, together with Justin Large, took over a bar that was beat-up in Wicker Park and turned it into this wonderful place. They wanted it to be more than a little joint serving tacos, and this place surely went beyond that. It is now famous among the young ones in Chicago who love to eat as much as drink: the quaint taqueria includes sumptuous servings of tacos with pork-belly, and not to mention their excellent cocktails. Their house specialty, Big Star margarita, is lightly smoky and is made with the San Luis mezcal, Herradura Plata, lime juice, and the lovely orange curaçao. It is best to sip this house specialty in their patio.

Lonesome Dove in Fortworth, Texas
This bistro is Western style, owned by Tim Love. What makes this place different from the rest is that it is known for the spiciness of its margaritas. It’s a fascinating twist and a nice surprise, for seasoned margarita drinkers: Case Noble is mixed with cucumber and freshly-squeezed lime juice for coolness, and jalapeno for that spicy kick. Add a dash of Cointreau and you have a perfect margarita. The coolness of the cucumber and lime nicely contrasts the heat of the jalapeno. For many, this margarita is a must-try.

Tres in San Francisco
Airy and brightly-lit: this tequila lounge will treat your taste buds and give you a visual feast with their list of margaritas on the menu, and these are listed down by tequila type: oaked reposado, unaged blanco, anejo that is oak-aged, and that reserva which is special edition. And the freshness is retained by using a base of freshly-squeezed lime juice (Mexican), as well as agave nectar. Definitely a margarita connoisseur’s place.

Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco
Mentioned earlier, this restaurant opened in 1965, and has been a classic, ever since. An escape is a good word to describe this bar, as it is in the outskirts of San Francisco. But the drive will be worth it, as every local knows its pitchers of house-made margaritas are mouthwatering. The ingredients are only the freshest – agave tequila at its purest, freshly-squeezed-by-hand lime juice, and skips the triple sec. the owner prefers to use agave nectar, which is a sweetener that’s like honey, taken from the plant where one gets tequila.

Mayahuel in New York City 
Mixologists. For those unfamiliar with the term, these are the experts in making cocktail and alcoholic mixes. And Philip Ward, considered to be one of New York’s finest mixologists, have opened his very own mescal and tequila bar, which quickly became famous for its sumptuous Mexican food such as tamales with poblanos, and naturally, his cocktails. If you want the best, people recommend the off-menu special drink, the classic margarita that is mixed with blanco tequila, lime juice, and Cointreau. Just imagining this is enough to make a drinker’s mouth water.

Rivera in Los Angeles
Los Angeles: the home of bars, clubs and celebrities. The owner of this place, John Rivera Sedlar, created a modern-style Latin restaurant that serves his famous Rivera margarita. This is made with curaçao and a choice from twenty blanco tequilas. If their home-made curaçao isn’t your kind of thing however, not to worry, as the place also serves Tommy’s margarita. This was inspired by a Mexican restaurant (Tommy’s) in San Francisco, and excludes the curaçao from the drink, which makes a tarter margarita.

La Verdad in Boston
Ken Oringer is a star chef, but he has made his place affordable and yet lovely to dine at: it’s a Mexican taqueria off Fenway Park. He offers tacos which are filled with sumptuous pollo sibil, or chicken that’s rubbed with sour-orange. If this doesn’t fall in your favor, the place has a long list of other taco choices. There is quite a long list of tequila in this place, and the tacos are best partnered with a house made sour-mix margarita which can be created with your choice of any of the tequilas that they offer.




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