Airlines might be drooling with the dining setup and experience that this new restaurant in Chongqing, China is offering. The theme is that of an A380 and it is all about the luxurious upper class flight feel and great food.

What’s good about this experience is that you do not need to spend on airplane tickets and the restaurant designers did a very good job in replicating the design of the passenger airline. The waitresses are also trained to serve and talk just like how real stewardesses will do.

The windows of the restaurants look like the A380’s and add to that other elements like the seats, carpets, and lighting. The menu though offers something more than the usual menu you will see during your travel.

The restaurant has a floor area of about 600 sq.m. and employs 18 skilled individuals, 9 of which were trained to dress-up and act like professional stewardess.

If you want the corner tables in this restaurant though, you need to be ready with the tab as it will cost you around $1,585 per table.



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