River banks burst as monsoon rains pour heavily in Pakistan. The heavy flow washed away streets, destroyed dams, and claimed the lives of at least 60 people as of this writing. The flooding has been the worst in the history of northwest Pakistan.

Rescue workers are struggling to aid hundreds of thousands especially those in far-flung villages.

A coverage of the calamity by the Dunya TV in Pakistan showed two old men who were clinging to a fence as raging waters swept over them. The authorities have not yet determined if the two men survived the havoc.

In Swat Valley, people had no choice but to try and cross knee deep water to get to safety. A portion of a dam in Charsadda collapsed while plants and crops are underwater in a lot of areas. There are also reports that at least 10 people did not make it out alive when their homes collapsed in Peshawar.

The list of missing individuals is getting longer every minute. Some Chinese workers were reported missin in Kohistan while 200 more were said to be trapped as Kyber-Pakhtoonkhwa continues to be deluged.

The flooding might be the worst so far since the disaster experienced by Pakistan in 1929 when 400,000 people were isolated and stranded because of the floods in the northwestern portion of the country.

Rescue choppers cannot operate as of now since the weather remains to be very bad. There are only 48 boats that can be use for the rescue operations. According to weather forecasters, the rain might continue to pour in the next day or so.

The monsoon season usually leads to flooding in a big portion of Pakistan, endangering those who live on lower grounds. The poorest of the citizens are those living in the most flood prone zones because they cannot afford to settle on safer areas.

The heavy rains might also be a factor in a recent plane crash in Islamabad. The airplane was transporting 152 passengers.



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