When you go to France you see vending machines for baguettes, Japan has them practically for everything imaginable, and now the fun heads to Australia. No you will not see boomerangs or koalas but a rubbery comfort perfect for the Australian outdoors, the popular Brazilian brand of flip flops called Havaianas.

There are now vending machines that dispenses Havaianas around Sydney and its nearby suburbs. You will find these flip flop vending machines in commercial centers. There are sizing charts on the floor and you can get the rubber slippers in different colors after swiping your credit card for $20.

So in case you are in the Sydney and a bit in a hurry to hit the beach,you can choose from black, orange, white, pink or other color offerings of Havaianas that best suit your get up. The flip flop brand is set to bring the vending machines to other cities in Australia in the next few months.

It might be a bit crazy when you think about it but a vending machine for flip flops is not the craziest we have heard of. There sex toys vending machines in some UK pubs, gold bar vending machines in Abu Dhabi, and marijuana dispensers in Santa Ana, California.



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