Alas, another deal that puts commercial space travels a little closer to reality!   You’ve probably heard and read the many things we’ve written about Space Adventures, right? Yes, that company in the space travel industry that talks about their out-of-this-world (we mean this literally) summer getaways and other commercial space travel opportunities that cost twice a fortune.   Back then, it was kind of hard not to raise eyebrows at such ambitious claims.  But now, Space Adventures have just made a huge step into making all our dreams closer to reality.  They have just made a contract with the country’s major aerospace corporation, the Boeing Company, for the low orbit air travel Crew Space Transportation or CST 100.

The spacecraft is currently being engineered together with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) 2015, the Boeing spacecraft will be able to transport at least seven passengers up to low orbit, around 62 miles about the surface of the Earth.  The CST 100’s flight operation will be under Space Adventures.

The reality of the CST 100 can be used as transportation for the people working in space habitats projects.   While there is still no word for the price tag for one low orbit space trip, commercial space travel isn’t exactly for the average American family, right?  Now, Space Adventure’s competition with another space travel company called Virgin Galactic could, and we mean could, trim the price tag just a little bit.  Yet, we still the prices to be well, out-of-this-world.

Nevertheless, the reality of CST 100 by 2015 is a sign that commercial space travel could, someday, be just like a limo ride for everyone.  And yet, not everyone can afford a limo.



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