Here’s some of the newly announced routes to bring you to the west, right into the heart of paradiso, and to the other side of the pond:

Caribbean Airlines

If you are longing for some sunshine and some blue green waters, Caribbean Airlines can surely take you there. They got the nod of the authorities to bring travellers to and from the United States and Grenada and Jamaica. The paperworks are done but it still may take a few weeks before they finish the details on the routes, the cities, and the travel costs. The carrier though was denied the permit to fly between New York and St. Lucia and also between Ft. Lauderdale and Barbados.

Alaska Airlines

With the weather expected to get warmer, Alaska Airlines announces their seasonal routes to Billings, Montana and Portland, Oregon beginning June 5 lasting until August. If you are heading out of Oregon, you can go via Missoula and Portland. Horizon Air is also running through these destinations in the summer.

Delta Airlines

Aside from the new London options with Delta, the airline can take you across the pond to Europe from Boston and Miami starting on 26 March. You can also try this new routes in business class for around $1500 starting this May.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier announced new flights to Sioux Falls, Knoxville, and Provo. From Denver. This gives people flying out of Colorado more choices for their holidays. This flights will start this coming June except for the South Dakota flight kicking off on July 4.

Porter Airlines

By April 27, Porter will be flying from Windsor to Toronto in Ontario. They will also fly between Sault Ste. Marie to Toronto starting May 4.




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