In a very popular tourist region just southeast of France, a total of eleven people were killed because of a flash flood. Several are still missing, and are feared to be dead as well. This catastrophic event happened when it rained very hard at the mountains just above Cote D’Azur this Tuesday. Because of the heavy rainfall, the rivers of the Var region rose by eight feet, even forcing a lot of homeowners to seek safety on their rooftops.

Those who were on the road when the flash flood happened were trapped inside their vehicles which floated like toys in the raging flash flood. The damage was unimaginable. The flashflood affected quite a number of villages and towns, including Draguignan, a popular tourist attraction in France. People who lived in Muy, Luc, Arcs, and Roquebrune-sur-Argens also suffered from the flash flood.

According to Hughues Parant, a top Var official, France has not seen anything as drastic as this flashflood in the last decade. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, on the other hand, sent his condolences to the families of the victims. He also said that the rescue teams won’t stop until they find the missing people. Aid is also being sent to hard-hit areas.

As of the latest count, at least 1000 residents were forced to vacate their homes and spend the night in temporary shelters. Certain schools were set up as evacuation camps. A total of 175,000 houses also have no electricity right now because of the damage done by the flood waters.

Officially, twelve individuals are still missing. Rescuers hope that they’re only trapped by the water and just waiting for the flood to subside. Their friends and families are hoping for their safety.



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