In-flight phone callsCall me, maybe? Now you can say that to someone that will be taking an Emirates A380 flight. The company recently announced that they are implementing a technology that will allow passengers to use their mobile phones to make and receive calls while in flight. This is another milestone for the airline as they were also the first one to introduce satellite phones for passengers back in 1993.

The first of the super jumbo jets equipped with the technology flew between Munich and Dubai last week with one passenger using the service to contact folks at home. Everything went well and the technology will be rolled out to all A380s of the company and the older members of the fleet.

Flyers will have to shoulder regular roaming charges without having to worry about extra charges even if their mobile service provider does not have a contract with Aeromoble or OnAir that provides the technology.

Emirates is the first to offer the mobile phone capability in a super jumbo jet joining other airlines like Etihad, Oman Air, Virgin Atlantic, TAM, and AZAL.

We are quite sure the phone bill can be quite a shocker when you use this service. The technology is welcomed by those who really need to call people on the ground while other passengers will be possibly irked listening to the chit chat going on next to their seat.



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