Emirates Airways recently improved their services going to Rome as they add a superjumbo service by adding more to their A380 network. The flight from Dubai to Rome now uses a double-decker which ups its capacity to about 34 % or 250 seats more daily.

The new A380 broadens the Italy travel services of Emirates as they now have a daily flight to Venice, twice daily to Milan, and double daily going to Rome.

Emirates started their Italy flights back in 1992 and the more than 30 flights weekly between Italy and UAE reflects a good trade relationship that amounts to around $4.6 billion between the two countries.

The addition of the the A380 to their Rome services also means a superjumbo option for travelers going to other travel destinations like China, Australia, Thailand, or back to their hub in Dubai.

The daily flights of the A380 from the Leonardo da Vinci Flumicino Airport also confirms the good relationship between the Aeroporti di Roma and Emirates Airlines. It also boosts the confidence in the airport which serves more than a hundred airlines and 180 travel destinations. It is also the first airport in Italy that can meet the full requirements of A380 operations.



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