Emirates will start flying to Dublin on a daily basis starting January of next year. This was announced today by the airline company as they celebrate their first route to Ireland.

The daily flight that kicks off on 09 January 2012 leaves Dubai every 7am and touchdown in Dublin at 1130am. The return flight takes off at 1255pm and is scheduled to reach Dubai at 12:25 in the morning of the next day. Emirates will be flying this route with their Airbus A330-200 that will offer Economy and Business classes.

The route is the airlines 29th in total in Europe and adds option to travellers in Ireland and other UK gateways who want to fly non-stop to Dubai. The company spotlights the potentials of Ireland and its tourism, technology, industry, and its locals who live abroad.

The Republic of Ireland has a population of approximately 4.5 million with 15 times of this number living overseas. Around 80,000 Irish live in Australia while 5,000 is in UAE. Other markets they are looking into are Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Ireland welcomed around 6.7 million tourists in 2010 who were attracted to its rich history,music, beautiful countryside, scenic coastline, and world renowned clean air.



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