Although the FDA just gave recently a warning about the risk of having a serious illness that food in- flight has, passengers still crave over salted food prepared by airlines. On the other hand, the government is not only worried about the cleanliness of the food being served by the airlines; for public safety and concern, the listing of calories for each food served in-flight is being planned.

FDA gave the news and so Eater National told that they are expecting to further make the calorie posting system bigger to involve chains with twenty or more locations. This means that all would be included from airplanes, to McDonalds to movie theaters. They must let their customers learn concerning the worryingly three digit set of food choices that taste so heavenly but are truly bad for someone’s health.

While there’s no given date yet for the said regulation, the airlines must begin making several calls. Showing caloric details may imply menus will be written even at the back of the couch. If not, it’s hard to imagine that a flight attendant is informing everybody how much calories the fish or chicken they would be eating through the loud speaker? That is, if you will not lose your appetite after the threat of lifeless cockroaches present in your food.

In an exciting linked story, added information on their menus with facts on every food entry was made by Thai Airways using carbon print.



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