A traveler accused of groping an agent of the Transportation Security Administration was arrested last week at the Sky Harbour Airport in Phoenix. Yukari Miyamae, a local of Colorado, has been gaining a strong following and support on the internet and is seen as a folk hero of the flying public.

Miyamae allegedly squeezed the left breast of a security personnel while going thru security pat downs at the international airport in Phoenix. She faces charges of sexual abuse. According to reports though, the prosecutors did not pursue the case after reviewing the incident.

According to Yukari Miyamae, she was done with being manhandled by the security personnel of the airport and thousands of supporters rally behind her through Facebook.

Several pages on Facebook were made to support Miyamae. There is the “Acquit Yukari Mihamae” and “Yukari Miyamae Legal Defense Fund” among others. The former has about 4,000 likes while he latter has likened Miyamae to Rosa Parks, a famous civil rights activist considered as among the pioneers of African-American freedom movement.

The TSA has been bombarded with some criticism in recent months due to the invasive pat down security techniques being implemented. The screening at the airports involve pat down of the breasts, buttocks, and groin, plus the use of body scanners.

Earlier this year, there have been incidents when a 6 year old girl went thru such pat downs in a New Orleans airport. Other controversial incidents involved a security personnel inspecting the diaper of a 94 year old passenger and numerous accounts of passengers with special medical conditions being angered with the insensitive and inconsiderate treatment of TSA agents.



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