Google unveils plans to create an online airfare search engine after acquiring ITA software for $700 million. ITA software is a company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that develops tools for flight information

The companies are not posting new information regarding when this new service will be made available to the public. However, Google CEO and Chairman Eric Schmidt volunteered information on their plans during a conference call. According to Schmidt, they will be building tools that allow users to query flights and check any possible options they might have in regards to pricing and other features. He further adds that after being able to decide on what to take in the buffet of choices the customer will face, they will be then conveniently led to a ticketing website. Mr. Schmidt claims that the vision for the project is to improve the collective manner in which air travel information is presented to the customers. He does not downplay the difficulty of this particular endeavor but goes on to say that they will enjoy addressing this particular concern for years to come.

Though it does not paint a complete picture of the plans, Google has nonetheless presented what it wants to avoid regarding the service. According to them, the search engine giant will not dictate airline prices nor does it have any plans to go into the ticketing retail business. According to Eric Schmidt, they have no plans to perform processes in regards to ticketing and that they will only center on bringing information regarding air travel information.

Google and ITA are currently at the negotiation table to close the deal but the entire process will take some time because certain details will have to be ironed out. The search engine company states that they will not initiate the project until the very last details of the acquisition are dealt with.

Google does not merely plan to hand out ITA Software licenses to travel agencies and airline companies to help organize flight information. According to Google, merely selling the product outright deprives ITA software with a boost – Google plans to tweak ITA Software’s products by synergizing their engineering capabilities with them. Schmidt adds that they intend to integrate the resources of the search engine and the aviation data software in order to provide excellent search results. This particular type of integration he mentions needs \a perfect mesh of the two technologies that their companies developed.

According to Schmidt, he wants Google to develop something innovative from what is available in the market in terms of search tools which Kayak and other online travel search engines like Orbitz and Expedia are providing. Google states that it plans to involve as much businesses in the travel industry as the project can handle.

ITA Software CEO and President Jeremy Wertheimer mentions that the negotiation process is still ongoing and that his company is not yet integrated into Google. He adds that the future of the project will become clear once all the paperwork is finished.



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