It might sound as a fairy tale but its actually a true story of a 62 year old granny which has decided to sell her house in order to travel with her beloved bike, Harley Davidson. The trip will be completed in South Africa that’s why Retired Sue O’Grady, from Sprotbrough in Doncaster has sold her house and many other assets of her own for her biggest dream in her life, traveling with her Harley Davidson

Speaking to the Yorkshire Post, O’Grady said: “They think I’m absolutely crazy – but you only live once, and I’m going to make the best of it while I’ve got the chance.”

With her motto of live, laugh, love, Sue is now planning the adventure of a lifetime.

“I love my home. I’ve lived there a long time and it’s everything I ever wanted, but I probably love my Harley a lot more, on balance, so the house has got to go.

“I can travel a long way and see a lot of the world with the proceeds from the sale, and if I can stretch the money out and make it last for eight or 10 years, then so much the better.”

So if you are a Harley Davidson enthusiast you could join this energetic lady in South Africa



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