Dubai sets a new world record as the highest restaurant in the world opens in Burj Khalifa which holds the title of being the tallest building in the world.

The restaurant named At.mosphere is at the 122nd floor of the highest building. To describe it more accurately, guests will be dining 442 meters above the ground. And to exaggerate that, you will be enjoying the best cuisine from a place where other buildings in the area look very far and very short.

At.mosphere can host more than 210 clients and features a spacious receiving area, main dining floor, cooking stations, and private dining areas. The restaurant was carefully designed to provide the best dining experience to its guests placing utmost care in providing an elegant environment, best customer service, and excellent food.

Those who want to dine at At.mospere will have to take the express lifts at the lobby of the Corporate Suites, get off at Level 123, and take the stairs leading to the lobby of the restaurant. Enjoy the view of the city while waiting for a table.

The food revolves around the concept of using the freshest ingredients and healthy preparation. Most are cooked by baking, grilling, or broiling. You will also have a long list of beverages to choose from.

The Burj Khalifa continues to amaze the tourism world as it evolves into a complete luxury destination package. The tallest building in the world is home to the first ever Armani Hotel.



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