As earlier announced, IHG launched a new brand of hotel called Even Hotels.

Even Hotels aims to cater to guests who are looking for rooms with enough space to do their exercise routines and with amenities like hypoallergenic options. The new brand also promises to have healthier food choices for its clientele.

Even will be have fitness equipment for guests and even have staff who can give travelers a good advice or two for a good workout. The room will have LED dimmers, natural lighting, and coat racks which can also serve as pull-up bars. There will also be enough supply of anti bacterial wipes. Looks like the hotel will be for the fit and can even accommodate the obsessive compulsive.

The plan sounds good but we cannot fully grasp the sense of having a workout equipment in your hotel room on days when you are supposed to be “cheating” your diet plans somehow and relaxing your gym circuit routine a bit.

InterContinental though thinks that there is a big market for this line of hotel and people now want to workout while they are on a holiday. IHG is planning to have 100 hotels across the United States under the Even Hotels brand, and they will be an aggressive campaign to encourage franchisees of the business. The first location for the Even Hotel is expected to be revealed this spring while opening is set by 2013.

There is already a website for Even Hotels and this gives us a glimpse of what to expect. There are no details yet but it is clear that Even Hotels will be all about keeping fit while on the road, living good, and eating healthy.



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