The Jumeirah Hotels at Etihad Towers now issues iPads to its fleet of limousines so its guests can stay connected throughout their planned stay.

Aside from the free Wi-Fi access provided to the visitors of the hotel, the iPad service is not given to those availing of the limo service so these guests can conveniently enjoy connection right from the moment they are picked up from the airport. Of course they can also make most of the iPad and complimentary connection when they make use of the limo service when they go around the city or when they are transferred to the airport.

The iPad free guest use has also been implemented at the Club Executive Lounge of the Etihad Towers. Here they can used the gadget for internet connection and also stay updated with news from home thru newspapers that are downloaded into the iPads.

The Jumeira aims to provide their international clientele with the immediate connectivity they need to check their emails and browse the internet, and also allow them to make most of their travel time upon pickup from the airport to the hotel.



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