Debate concerning flight attendants who are overweight is quite different from the usual concern and fights over overweight passengers. The two are actually for safety reasons, but it is a little rough because in the end both are similar in a way. Comfort is one of the daily issues against rowmates who are overweights. A good argument for some people is the possibility of a plane crash and most likely getting out would be a big problem, a valid reason to consider.

Recently, the Turkish Airlines suspended 28 employees who were overweights and safety issues come out. The reason is actually more valid rather than with passengers, since the flight attendants do the most important role concerning flight safety during emergencies even non- emergencies. But wait, the looks is actually the real concern regarding customers wanting svelte attendants in their uniform serving Diet Coke on them considering half of the suspended crew were surprisingly men. And airlines were honest and frank to point it out.

Air India did it to their overweight crew, being brutal was part of it by pointing out that physical appearance really matters while safety issues was just a secondary reason. They even went far by saying to look hot is a must, enough to be good looking. Stereotypical.

Compared to Air India, Turkish Ailines is actually gentler. What they are pointing out is the concern regarding how important the “height and weight” which is both about the ability to work faster and their physical look. To look good is the first requirement while the ability to move and run to attend passengers on panicked out to a burning plane is just secondary. The job seems a prestige but the necessaries, sounds difficult to achieve.



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