You may not be familiar with Norwegian Air Shuttle since the carrier usually markets their brand using their Norwegian name. We are pretty sure the headline caught your eyes since they will soon be on a lot of people’s wish list. The airline which mostly flies within domestic routes in Norway may soon be heading to New York as soon as they get the delivery of their 787s.

It will not be soon though since they are still way down the waiting list for the Boeing 787 but it will definitely be worth waiting. Norwegian Air plans to link Oslo and Stockholm to the U.S. via the JFK airport in New York as early as 2013.

The airline also brings more good news since they plan to make these flights quite affordable for travelers. If the fuel prices remain stable, initial reports say that the flights can be as cheap as $350 round trip. The first cheap tickets may be available by next year so be ready to reserve those 787 seats if you are eager to go to the Scandinavia.

We hope this will push through since there are a ton of factors to consider. The biggest factor of course will be the delivery of the Boeing 787 to Norwegian or will the airplane manufacturer lease it to other companies. There are also rumor that the airline might offer non-stop flights from Stockholm and Oslo to Bangkok in Thailand instead of the Big Apple and it will also have attractive tag prices. We will keep you posted about this and any deal for a ride on a 787 is definitely a good deal.



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