Claude Monet’s major works are not present in the world’s largest show of his own paintings for the reason that there’s a bitter quarrel among the two French museums.

The enormous Grand Palais, organizers of Paris’ exhibition are so mad because the Museum of Marmottan which is just a little miles away, and which brag works donated by means of Michel, Monet’s son, declined to provide even a single masterwork and the rival museum- the Marmottan named it as “parallel”- exhibition.

Known as “Father of Impressionism” the artist’s work is likely to make a record of crowds as soon as the Grand Palais opens and will also draw fans of his masterpiece being one of the greatest artists not only to France but all over the world.

Located in a trendy district of Paris’ western area which is close to Bois de Boulogne, the Marmottan declined to loan a few of Monet’s works.

Guy Covegal, organizer of the events in Grand Palais told that they tried to talk with the people in Marmottan for one year. Even after all the negotiations and persuasions, no single artwork was lent to them.

Mr. Covegal, head of Musée d’Orsay, house to a huge set of paintings dated 19th century, added that the Marmottan contain the greatest collected works of Monet aside from Musée d’Orsay. He truly doesn’t know the reason why they are not cooperating since it’s a national task.

Holding a number of Monet’s celebrated paintings, the Marmottan also have several studies of Monet’s Water Lilies sequence also the well known Impression: Soleil Levant (Sun Rising) which was painted during 1872 that gave the name Impressionism.

However Mr.Covegal told that he, along with his curators went all over the world just to look for a substitute to the works, since Monet usually painted similar scene many times, it was a big help.

The success of the exhibit means an estimated 700,000 visitors into the Grand Palais. They will be delighted to the sight of Monet’s four extraordinary famous painting located in London’s Parliament House, which usually hang far from each other in galleries in Lille, Paris, Le Havre within France, and Brooklyn within America- next to each other on the same wall.

The curators even swayed the Museum of Pushkin in Moscow to let them borrow Monet’s painting entitled Dejeuner sur l’Herbe and New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Terrace at Saint-Adresse.

Mr.Covegal also said that he was particularly very proud of the two Monet’s masterpieces especially with Terrace at Saint- Adresse because it was part of the works that would not at all be loaned but they got it.

British assistant curator of the exhibit, Richard Thomas said that it was indeed the biggest single collected works of Monet’s masterpieces that has ever witness by the world.

Thomas added that it was really hard to produce several 2000 works all in all so they need to make a way to find replacements for the works they couldn’t get. It was really indeed an ambitious exhibition.

Marmottan spokesman said that Jacques Taddei, the director, had planned to have a display of the entire museum’s total collection of the 130 various Monet works beginning his appointment in 2007.

The spokesman also added that Mr. Taddei said no to lend the Soleil Levant to the exhibit of Grand Palais because it is Monet’s most important work. They just don’t want to lose their best works.

Afterwards Mr. Taddei suggested to Mr.Cogeval of Grand Palais for them to just have group tickets thus people could go to both museums. Unfortunately, the latter said no and it ended up with bitter nothing.

The Grand Palais display on Monet starts on the 22nd of September while The Marmottan“Monet: His Museum” exhibition opens on the 6th of October.



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