You have several options when going around the City of Lights. They have the usual public transport plus the greener options– electric cars. Another Paris transport option has arrived though, the Tuk-Tuk Taxis that you commonly see in countries in Southeast Asia. A fleet of Tuk-Tuk taxis can now be used by locals and tourists for free.

One businessman brought 20 Tuk-Tuk taxis in Paris and you can hop into them from one hundred fifty spots around Paris. The company just started the service and you can avail of the service throughout the week.

It is too early to tell if the Tuk-Tuk will hit it big time in Paris but they are definitely worth a try especially they will not cost you a penny. The ride has some advertisements on the side to generate some income and the drivers will offer you some drinks and snacks during the trip. The operator is also trying to improve the ride to protect the passengers from rain.



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