Qantas has been under the pressure cooker in the past few months with employee strikes and safety scares. Now, it is all over the news that baby rats were found in the cabin of a Qantas plane in Sydney bound for Brisbane.

The staff of the airline found the tiny rodents inside the cabin of their Boeing 767 as they prepare to welcome passengers aboard the flight. According to the management, the incident is a very rare and engineers took the necessary actions to check the plane and issued a clean bill with no damages caused by the rats. Investigation continues as to how the baby rats got into the plane which was at the gate of the tarmac for quite a while.

The passengers for the said flight were transferred to another plane.

Qantas is going through tough times with its profits expected to drop significantly due to the natural disasters in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Recently there is also a looming strike of the pilots who are demanding for higher pay. If the protest pushes thru, it will be the first pilot strike in forty five years.

The Airbus A380s of the company are still grounded for safety inspections in order to address some safety scares that occurred recently.



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