Salvage teams are still working on how they can pump out the oil from a cargo ship Rena that cracked off the coast of the northern Island of New Zealand. The weather so far has been favorable but the listing sea vessel exposes the crew to very dangerous situations. There is a high risk that the ship can break up with the cracked hull.

As of this reporting, more than 300 tons of fuel have spilled from the Liberian flagged and Greek owned ship and have polluted many kilometers of nearby coastline.

The same crew has sucked out 10 tons of oil from the ship last week but had to temporarily stop operations after the weather went bad.

Experts warn of a wildlife catastrophe if the 200 tons of diesel being carried by the ship plus about 1,700 tons of il will all spill into the waters. The ship is on a reef angled up to around 25 degrees. The hull of the ship is cracked badly and according to initial report, only the internal structure of the vessel is keeping it from snapping.

The ship went aground last October 5 along the Astrolabe Reef which is just 22 kilometers off the Tauranga Harbor on te North Island of New Zealand.

An investigation was immediately started to find out the cause of the sea mishap which happened during calm weather and on clearly marked reef.

It appears that the oil leaks have slowed down according to authorities and this might indicate the integrity of the stern tanks of Rena are still good.

A clean up operation involving locals, soldiers, and wildlife experts have been launched to help clear the mess which have spread to around 60 kilometers along coast. Around 1,000 birds have been reported to have died because of the oil spill.

Charges have been filled against the captain of the vessel and his second officer. Crew members who are also being questioned by authorities are being kept in a secret location to protect them from the protesting and angered public.

Costamare Shipping,the owner of the vessel issued its official apology and insisted that the captain of the ship is experienced and holds an excellent record of service, and that the Rena was in good condition. The company also claims to have sent experts from around the world to help with the situation.

The local government officials though have dismissed and rejected the apology from Costamare.



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