Want to feel like James Bond?  Visit Monaco!  No, we’re not talking about donning a sleek black suit and being all goddamn handsome but hey, that’s not a bad idea either.  We’re talking about helicopter-to-plane transfers from the Nice International Airport to the Principality by no other than Heli Air Monaco.

Since 1976, Heli Air Monico has been transferring 100,000 passengers annually with an estimated 30 flight daily from the Nice Airport to Monaco.  They can also get you to several destinations in Italy, Switzerland, and France in their private flight service.  Famous for their specialty in transporting heavy equipment, TV reports, and movie shootings, Heli Air Monaco is now the official transportation of all Monte-Carlo Hotels.com’s passengers.  Guests are treated to a convenient transfer from the Nice International Airport to the hotel while feeling the James Bond vibe and enjoying the magnificent sights in as little as six minutes.

At present, guests still have to check in and pass security once they land at the airport, but renovations are ongoing that will enable the guests to clear security at Heli Air Monaco.  Once it kicks off, guests can now land on the departure lounge to wait for their scheduled flights.  How convenient is that?

This kind of JB treatment has been done for the big shots in the US:  Wall Street taking the JFK helicopters for their Delta flight.  And of course, there’s the elite passengers of the Pan American World Airways fly from their Midtown headquarters straight to their JFK flights.  And now we have Nice Airport to Monaco and back for the luxurious price of 103 Euros.



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