If you’ve always wanted a birthday bash that’s just like the 50Cents video a few years back, you might want to scrap your bar party plans. The real deal is at the Thompson Beverly Hills Hotel which offers a poolside, rooftop birthday bash that’ll leave you feeling nothing short of a VIP guest. You can invite up to 12 friends for this bash and enjoy all the amenities of the hotel’s lounge and rooftop.

Start early, and you and your guests can sunbathe around the swimming pool in the daytime. You’ll be given platters of goodies and the hotel’s signature cocktails all day long. After your fun at the poolside, you can continue the party at your suite (one-bedroom). There’s also a complimentary bottle of sake or champagne waiting for you inside your room.

The price of the package is a bit hefty, though, starting at $1200. If you can’t shoulder it on your own, maybe you can skip the presents from your shawties and ask them to chip in for this deal instead.



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