Infographics are everywhere and we knew that it will just be a while before someone comes up with a cool (in a sense that it screams quite a revelation) infographic on the hotel industry’s wastefulness. We bump into one from with the information sourced from the Green Building Council of the United States, Energy Information Association, Environmental Protection Agency, Forbes, Siemens, NFL, and American Hotel and Lodging Association.

The hotel infographic screams of some interesting or horrible facts about the hotel industry:

  • Every year, hotels throw away about 1.9 billion pounds of trash which is enough to fill about 37 million suitcases.
  • Hotels use enough energy to power up 64.5 milloin TV sets with consumption of 84.7 billion kwh.
  • The water consumption of hotels can be used by one person who would spend about 277 years under the shower without stopping.
  • Speaking of carbon dioxide problems, they produce 60 million tons of carbon dioxide which is the amount equivalent to that generated by 10.6 million vehicles and a dozen power plants using coal.

The hotel infographic though also reveals the good side– what the future should be for hotels. What will happen if hotels and consumers go green. Click on the image on the left to enlarge it and see the hotel infographic.



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