A recent survey in the United States reveals the worst possible annoyances you may have as a traveler in an airplane. The majority of the respondents, 64% to be exact, shared that there is nothing worse than being next to a person with a really bad body odor in an airplane.

Around 23% said that they hate it when they are next to a baby crying during a flight. Eight percent of the survey participants do not want to be next to a person who talks senselessly all throughout the flight. There’s six percent of the respondents who do not like to have a seat next to an obese person.

The proponent of the survey, a marketing company, was surprised that the crying babies were not the top travel annoyances given that there are calls for an option to have child free sections and family sections in the US. The survey also reveals that the population of travelers are also more tolerant when dealing with the overweight individuals.

We wonder if the answers would have been the same if the passengers of a recent United Airlines flight to Ghana from Washington were interviewed. This flight was escorted by fighter planes back to the airport as a commotion ensue when two passengers engaged on a fist fight when one reclined his back rest too much. No one was seriously hurt and no legal actions were taken but we are pretty sure that the rest of the passengers were very annoyed when their flight was canceled.



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