Travelers going to United Kingdom have been warned by the government of pssible long delays at the UK airports and ports on Thursday as a big chunk of the workforce of customs and immigration officers will be joining a public sector strike.

Around 600,000 civil servants and teachers are expected to picket to complain about planned changes on their pension pays. According to the workers, the proposed changes will have them pay more and work longer.

The Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, argues that there is no reason to go on strike since the changes will be fair to all taxpayers.

The industry wide strike will be affecting people coming in into the UK since they are supposed to be interacting with the staff of the UK Border Agency when they arrive. Some workers of this agency are also members of the PCS or Public and Commercial Services union which is scheduled to go on strike.

Arriving passengers will encounter delays as they enter the UK because of the industrial strike of members of the union. Contingency plans will be implemented to address problems that might arise because of the strike. Passengers who may have an option to travel on other dates are advised to do so.

Around half a million passengers are expected to be affected by the strikes. There will also be around three thousand schools in Wales and England that will be closed while around two thousand more will be partially closed.



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