Jonathan Trappe, an American adventurer, surely was inspired by Pixar’s creation Up and picked helium balloons to fly over the Alps. Recently the adventurer from North Carolina tied a chair to a bunch of fifty four helium balloons, went up the sky and crossed the famous mountain range in Europe.

Trappe set off at Gap, a town in the southern portion of France. He left before dawn and ascended to around 15,000 feet and slowly drifted over the peaks covered by snow. He traveled for 12 hours and slowly descended to Andezeno, a village in Italy, on the other side of the Alps.

Floating up with just balloons carrying you in the dark might be scary enough but the most critical and dangerous part of the journey was when Trappe avoided slamming into a mountain called Monte Viso. This mountain is just between France and Italy and is about 12,602 ft high.

The adventure is another triumph for Trappe who also made a record last year by crossing the English Channel also using helium balloons.

We do not know what this adventurer will try next but he sure knows how to have fun aerial tours with his helium balloons.



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