The British Airline Pilots’ Association or Balpa, has contacted the Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd to pause its so-called “last ditch” meetings in order to save themselves from a long confrontation regarding the pilots’ over time benefits.

Pilots of Virgin Airlines have shown their resentment over the changes in their leave benefits and arrangements.

Their previous agreement involves guaranteed leaves of 120 days a year apart from holidays off to compensate their work during bank holidays and weekends.

The pilots’ union said that airline has broken their previous agreements.  According to sources, the union’s members are ready for what could possibly be the very first union strike in the history of Virgin Airlines, a threat that could cause a grave inconvenience to the management and the air travelers.

According to a reliable source, if the pilots’ strike would push through, Virgin Airlines would most likely cease its operations for the very first time in history until the issue is resolved.

Balpa’s general secretary, Jim McAuslan, has been advised that an “overwhelming” vote toward industrial action could be expected.  McAuslan said in a statement that the British Airline Pilots’ Association has been doing everything they can to help airlines to get through tough times as they have done with many airlines, including Virgin, these past few years.  He added that knowing that Virgin has breached an agreement and denied their pilots their due days off is “a real slap in the face.”  Moreover, he added that it is a slap they could not accept.

On the other side, Virgin Airlines said that they haven’t received any announcement of any strike movement.  The airline said that they hold a monthly meeting with their pilots and that they would discuss any problem that will come up during their next meeting.



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