We did not miss any numbers on the headline. You read it right. Waldorf-Astoria treated a couple for their 60th wedding anniversary for just $16.80 a night. It is a heart warming tale so read on.

The lucky couple is from New England and they have been married for six decades now. They wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary at the Waldorf-Astoria where they spent their first night back in 1952. You wonder how much they paid back then? $16.80 a night. And that is the same price they paid over the weekend.

Apparently the hotel has a rule which charges the original rate for guests who are returning and are celebrating a special event in their lives. According to reports, about three couples make use of this to enjoy the services of the hotel every year.

So this should be a hint for those happily married couples out there who might have spent a night before at the Waldorf and want to use this very special privilege.

The Scwartz couple, Isidore and wife Joan, even have the original receipt for their stay back in 1952. A photo was taken by NY Daily News which shows the bill showing $16.80 for hotel charges plus thirty cents for a phone call. Looking at what you can get for $16.80 now at the Waldorf, maybe a plate of appetizers at their Peacock Alley downstairs without the tip at that.



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