The Wizarding World of Harry Potter might have a competition as the set of the movie Avatar is also heading to Florida. James Cameron is collaborating with Walt Disney World to bring Avatar to add ti the fun and exciting offerings of the theme park.

The details for the Avatar is still very limited with only a teaser info that the Avatar production and the guys from Disney met and sat down about the project. The Walt Disney World will be adding new rides to the Animal Kingdom park but the Avatar set might not be up by end of 2015 or thru 2016.

The project is still on the planning stage as the heavy equipment will only get there by 2013 . The folks from Disney assured fans that the Avatar production has the rights to the theme park and any other sequels that will come up. They also said that the venture might expand to other park locations and even on other parts of the world.

So after a few years, you might be lucky enough to come face to face with the blue creatures. For now, we will wait for updates and keep you posted.



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