The Avengers had just hit the theaters and interestingly the Marvel movie has a hotel partner in Wyndham thru its loyalty program called Wyndham Rewards. Now how about that, superheroes and a hotel teaming up.

The hotel brand is doing a lot of nice stuff for the members, or for those who will sign up, of their loyalty program. The biggest catch will be an opportunity to win 1 million rewards points which when redeemed is good for 62 nights of hotel stay for the Tier 4 properties of Wyndham and about 166 nights for Tier 1 hotels of the brand.

Wyndham Rewards organized the sweepstakes called Super Hero with Super Sweeps which is open to current and new members of the hotel loyalty program. The grand prize for the contest will be the 1 million rewards points, four movie premier tickets for a Marvel movie that comes out next year, $2,000 spending money, and a signed movie poster.

You need to be a member of the Wyndham Rewards of course to have the chance. In case you are not yet a member, you can sign up here.

Once you have joined the sweepstakes, you can enjoy being a fan of The Avengers as the mini website allows you to play multi-level games, answer Marvel trivia, get some wallpapers of the Avengers, and solve a timed puzzle.



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