Dartmoor Zoo owner shared that the Holywood flick We Bought a Zoo has created a sort of a visitor boom. The movie is based on a true story when the family took over the business starring Matt Damon and the pretty Scarlett Johansson.

Benjamin Mee purchased the Dartmoor Zoo, located in Plymouth, Devon in the United Kingdom, back in 2006. The film is based on a book which told of the story of the family who met a handful of impediments along the way to run the zoo.

Mee related that the movie had not poured in millions into their business but the zoo benefited from the almost $80 million advertising budget of the production. The zoo owner admitted that they do not have that kind of budget to promote the Dartmoor Zoo.

The number of visitors over the Easter have showed that Dartmoor Zoo enjoyed 50% more than usual patrons. And guests have indicated that the film has produced a good buzz for the zoo. Visitors said that they were blown away by We Bought the Zoo and thus convinced them to do some zoo travel.

The movie told of the family’s story which acquired the zoo that was closed by authorities and reopened back in 2007.

Benjamin Mee and his two kids, Milo and Ella, visited the set of the film in California and attended its premiere last December.



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