With today’s modern technology, the world has become a smaller place. Anyone with a computer or smart phone and Internet connection can book hotels halfway around the world and plan their travel itinerary in a heartbeat. And with more and more budget airlines taking on the skies, it’s really about time every one flies. When we say ‘budget airlines’, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from bad service or cramped, smelly seats. You might be surprised at how much you can save on your airline ticket, money that you can allocate for a more worthy obsession—shopping! Here are the world’s top budget airlines in no particular order.

Top Budget Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Route: San Juan, Puerto Rico; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Montego Bay, Jamaica; Mexico City, Cancun, Los Cabos; Nassau, Bahamas; and major cities throughout the US.

What’s a great airlines service without a happy crew in the skies? Southwest Airlines is widely known for their exemplary customer service. With its partnership with Air Tran Aiways, the famous airline now offers more flight routes. One of its most loved features is the open seating option. Here’s how it works: A group control number is given to you when you check-in. When the group number is called, the passengers with the same group number are asked to fall in line and choose any seat they want on the plane.

JetBlue Airways

Route: The Caribbean, Central America, South American, selected cities in Mexico, and major cities in the western, southeast, and northeast United States.

If you’re traveling between two cities in the US, better book a flight via JetBlue Airways to make your short flight an enjoyable one. Forget the books, this airlines offers its passengers with individual TV screens with 36 channels you can surf. Hungry? Snack on Linden’s famous choco chip cookies, perk up with Dunkin’ Donuts famous coffee blend, or chomp away piece after piece of Terra Blues potato chips. The airline also provides its passengers with individual kits with everything you need for snoozing—ear plugs, eyeshades, comfy blankets, and more. Wake up to the smell of freshly squeezed OJ or freshly brewed Joe just in time for your landing announcement.


Route: Major cities in the US and Canada. South America: Lima, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Guayaquil, Bogotá, LaPaz, Caracas, Santiago. Domestic flights in South America: Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Galápagos Islands.

Planning to party in Rio de Janeiro this year? Book a flight via LAN! Apart from offering reasonable ticket prices for its flights, the airline also offers monthly promos and discounts to help you save more than just a bundle. They also make your travel time more comfortable and enjoyable with TV screens that offer up to 100 movie selections, 25 games, and 42 TV shows! But wait, there’s more! You can also create your own mix tape by choosing from over 1000 CD selections or simply tune in to one of their 10 radio stations available on board.

Iceland Air

Route: From NY, Washington D.C., Boston, Minneapolis, Denver, Seattle, Halifax, Toronto and Orlando, Iceland Air flies to Reykjavik, Iceland and to 25 major cities in Europe.
How would you like to have layover in Iceland on your next flight from/to Europe or US for FREE! Yes, Iceland Air offers its passengers with up to seven nights stay in Iceland at no additional cost! Now that’s tourism! If you have time to spare, why not take on this free tour?

West Jet

Route: Major cities in the US, Mexico, Caribbean, and Canada.

The airline’s mission holds particularly true: just because you’re paying less for your flight doesn’t mean you get less service. This motto has won the airline several awards, including the title J.D. Power Customer Service Champion. Apart from offering great service for less in the skies, West Jet supports several charities like Make-A-Wish Canada, Ronald McDonald House, and Boys and Girls Club of Canada. The airline is also focused on taking on more environment-friendly practices like developing fuel-efficient jets that connects US and Canada and Mexico and the Caribbean.


Route: Cities in Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Jordan, Egypt, and Morocco; Throughout UK and other European cities.

Planning a post-graduation vacation around Europe? Fly EasyJet, which offers the lowest flight rates in Europe! In the middle of your vacation, should you wish to explore the Middle East as well, flying to and from via EasyJet will give you your money’s worth.


Route: From Tanzania, Fastjet flies to Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, and Dares Salaam; from Mwanza Regional Airport, more flights are expected to connect to Uganda, Nairobi, Entebbe, and Mombassa, Kenya.

The first budget airline in Africa opened the country to the rest of the world. Safari trips are now more affordable to the rest of the world with FastJet with domestic flights starting at $20 one way. Bring your own handy refreshments though and don’t expect the airline to roll out in-flight snacks by the trolley.

Hawaiian Airlines

Route:Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Tahiti, Singapore, Australia, American Samoa. From Honolulu, Hawaii: Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

A trip to the paradise island of Hawaii is made more affordable! Nonstop flights from JFK International Airport in NYC offers the city dwellers a much needed break from city life. They also offer specials for more budget-friendly weekend getaways. The airline also connects US to the rest of Southeast Asia.

Tiger Airways

Route: Australia, India, Tasmania, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, and the Philippines; Singapore, Kuching, Macau.

If you find yourself in Australia with time to spare, book a flight via Tiger Airways to the Philippines and see for yourself the new rising Asian tiger. Want a nature retreat? Book a flight to Bali, Indonesia and enjoy an intimate getaway with your loved one. The airline’s Flight Combos offer even greater savings!


Route: Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Taiwan, and various cities in Japan

With its home base in Australia, this award-winning airline has won several awards. With its low ticket rates, JetStar enables travelers from all over the world to explore the latest hotspots in Asia’s fastest growing countries including the Philippines and Singapore. Starting from their low cost base rate, passengers are given the freedom to choose add-ones. JetStar also offers a nice selection of in-flight snacks, entertainment, and seat selection feature.



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