Olympics Rio di JaneiroAfter much deliberation, the International Olympics Committee has finally decided on the location of the 2016 Olympic Games and to everyone’s surprise they will not be held in Chicago.

Instead however, they will be held in South America for the first time ever. Taking part in the city Rio di Janeiro, this vibrant city will now have another string on its bow when it comes to attracting even more tourists to colorful South America.

However, this decision was much to US President Barak Obama’s dismay and despite many attempts to change the IOC’s mind, they would not be swayed.  Even though President Obama appeared in person after flying to Copenhagen, Chicago was thrown out during the first round of deliberations.

Chicago’s elimination may come as a shock to many Americans, but the reality is that America has hosted the Olympics twice already with the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and also the infamous 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Both times had their fair share of problems with both a bribery scandal and also the attempted bombing during the Atlanta games.

As America fell at the first hurdle during the deliberations, Spain took a surprising lead and made it to the final vote.  This was thanks to a request by former IOC president, 89-year-old Juan Antonio Samaranch’s heartfelt plea to see the games for the last time in his life at home, in Madrid.

With the Olympics being held in Rio Di Janeiro, everyone should be excited as the games are finally coming to Brazil, a country which is famous for its passion.  We can be assured of one thing with the 2012 games, they will be as colorful as the carnival and as passionate as a samba.

Rio is in itself the ultimate tourist destination, so when 2012 comes along you aren’t just visiting a country for the Olympics, but you’re visiting a paradise destination and seeing the ultimate sporting competition.

The International Olympics Committee’s decision was absolutely fabulous. South America now gets the opportunity to host this amazing competition, and there are now only two continents in the world, which have not had the opportunity before.



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