If you are having an Ireland holiday and only having a day in Dublin before heading to the countryside, then we suggest that you enjoy the city by walking through its streets. You might not be able to cover all the must see spots but this will be a good start.

Start your walking tour at the ivy-covered Trinity College and see their Old Library. The library can give you a glimpse of Ireland’s history and you can find whatever you want to know by browsing through their vast collection of literature.Head to the City Hall along Dame Street. The best thing to do here is go under the dome of the lobby, and look up. You will find the artwork worth straining the muscles of your neck.
On the riverside of Dame Street, you will find Temple Bar. This is the center of night life where you can find the coolest bars, pubs, and discos. If you want some alcohol this is the place to be. You can also find great finds in some of the shops nearby.

The Dublin Castle is open to the public and you can wander around its courtyard. Don’t forget your cam to capture its charm. You must also see the collections at the Chester Beatty Library.

You can get a good lunch at Avoca Café along Suffolk Street and get some wool blankets from the store downstairs. A few blocks a way will be the National Museum of Ireland-Archeology and History.

Complete your walking tour by passing by the Grafton Street, St. Stephen’s Green where you can see statue of Wolfe Tone (Irish Rebel), and relax at the lobby of Shelbourne Hotel with a cup of tea.

Some Do’s and Don’ts while in Dublin

Here are some tips to make sure that you go along well with the locals:

Pub life – The pub is where Irish people want to hang out. It is not just for drinking but more importantly to have some chitchat with friends and strangers. The pub usually keeps the locals updated with what is going on in the community. Some pubs work as a post office or double as a shop.

Conversation – The locals are considered friendly and generally you can start a conversation with them and they will not mind. Irish often touch each others arms while chatting and they also love to hug.

Dining – There is no problem if you want to dine alone. Women though do not usually eat alone in restaurants at night.

Phrases you need to know – Black Stuff (Guinness is the national drink), Dodgy(dangerous), Fag(Cigarette), Jammy(Lucky), Kip(Sleep), Dear(expensive)



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