love sicilyA Sicily vacation could be just what you need right now. With all the stress over the economy, a break from the worries and fears could be just the answer. And what better choice than a vacation there? I mean, there’s nothing better than a Sicily vacation to take your mind off your troubles. Only a Sicily vacation offers the intrigue of a steamy mountainous region, beautiful golden beaches and different cultures and ancient history that is home to Sicily. And, of course, only a Sicily vacation will bring you closer to the mafia–on a tour, no less!

Could you imagine taking a Sicily Vacation and finding yourself on a tour viewing the grave sites of famous mafia godfathers? Take a Sicily vacation and find out if the version of a Hollywood godfather comes close to the real thing from knowledgeable tour guides. A vacation in Sicily does offer other attractions if mafia intrigue is not your cup of tea.

Sicily vacations offer fabulous historical attractions. Want to see a ghost wandering the halls of a Sicilian castle or church? Sicily is home to many medieval castles and churches and, if you don’t believe in ghosts now, after a Sicily vacation you just might. And don’t forget the Greek Temples and Roman architecture you will get to see on a Sicily vacation. If these attractions stir your passion, you will be pleased by what you discover. Not far from Siracusa, the city, Akrai, boasts a statue dedicated to Aphrodite in a temple built by the Greeks around 600 B.C. And just south of Augusta is the Megara Hyblaea, a town built by the Greeks but destroyed in 214 B.C. by the Romans. Apparently, many wonderful artifacts have been found here. On a Sicily vacation you will also learn that most of the Roman architecture was built over towns originally built by Greeks or Phoenicians,the-duomo-of-cefalu-sicily including Cantania, Morgantina and Tindari.

There are many fun things a Sicily vacation can offer the younger generation if they don’t enjoy walking through ancient remains or medieval buildings. You can wander through quite a few modern buildings; or, if it’s a more current century’s attractions you’re looking for, then you may want to check out the 4×4 tours or the watersports that can be the highlight of a Sicily vacation. In fact, some people take a Sicily Vacation just to enjoy the scenery. If you’re one of those people considering a Sicily vacation for just this purpose, then you can’t go wrong. In fact, what is a Sicily vacation without including a 4×4 tour of Mt. Etna where you, among other things, you get to see a flowing lava cave! Too nervous about being on an active volcano? Then your Sicily vacation can take you to the calming waters where you can charter a catamaran and sail around Cefalú and the Aeolian Islands.

If you can’t find something in Sicily to light your fire, try the pizza. It’s supposed to be to die for.



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