fun hen weekendOnce you’ve been named as the maid of honor, there really should be only one thing on your mind – how to throw the most amazing hen weekend in the world for your lovely lady. Ensuring that the weekend fits her style, her interests, and she has all her friends and family around her are the three things that can really make a difference – and that is all down to you.

Rather than diving straight into the deep end, spend the first couple of weeks creating a guest list and ensuring as many people as possible can make your intended event. Look at group bookings through budget hotel companies. Choose an accommodation that allows three adults per standard room, which will cut right down on the price per head for your stay.

Send out invites, texts, meet up with mutual friends, call relatives and set up a Facebook event page. Make sure the word is well and truly out there, and put a deadline on RSVPs. With confirmation of attendance, ask guests to pay an initial instalment, the total price per head for their shared hotel room. Follow up your enquiry on group booking, and make a reservation.

Another fundamental to consider, before you get down to the fun stuff is your travel. Whether you opt to car pool or look into train group bookings, ensure this is sorted in advance so that you are able to get the best rates on any travel via public transport.

And so, let the fun begin! Planning a hen should be a truly individual experience. Not all ladies love the pink glitz and glamour of girls on tour, and if this really doesn’t suit your bride to be, then avoid the idea at all costs. Look into alternative themes including vintage, films, and even medieval.

The sky is your limit, go with your gut – if your hen is classy gal, but a bit of an adrenaline junkie, make it happen with a cocktail class, swanky meal, and then a trip to one of the UK’s best theme parks the following day. Who made the rules for a hen weekend, anyway?

Other activity choices include cocktail masterclasses, dance lessons, spa days, and cupcake classes followed by a sensational Champagne afternoon tea.

One element of your hen weekend to plan in advance is your restaurant choice. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, depending on budgets, however you will still need to reserve a table for your party.

Be sure to pick a restaurant that serves the bride to be’s favourite food. It may be that you need to pay a deposit to confirm your booking, if so, ask for another instalment from guests and reserve your table as soon as possible. Collect menu choices and keep a list of who ordered which dishes, as to ensure a smooth, stress free evening.

It’s time to go wild. Create a truly bespoke hen weekend away for your bride to be. Keep costs low using group bookings offers, and add little touches of personality to the event that will help create memories that will last a lifetime.



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