It’s safe to say that travel blogs these days are a dime in a dozen. There’s just seemingly an endless stream of eager bloggers who want to share their testimonials, travel photos, food and hotel reviews with just about everyone else in the world. From eager beaver first-time travelers to die-hard backpackers to regular globetrotters, all want to share their experiences, whether bad or good, with other people. In fact, the more people they share their travel-related stories and photos with, the better – and the best way to do this is to turn to the Internet and come up with travel blogs of their own. Unfortunately, it takes more than just photos and stories to lure readers to a travel blog. Sometimes a “bolt-in”, if you will, of various travel blogs from users all over the world is needed and luckily, a popular web-based travel journal and travel research tool has come out of its hibernation.

My Life of Travel ( lets travelers record their journeys, map travel histories, share tips with fellow tourists and keep in touch with friends and family without the need for mass email communication and photo sharing sites – and all these completely free for use! After being “slightly neglected” because of the developers’ hectic skeds, My Life of Travel is back on track and loyal users can now start creating multiple travel journals again.

One look at the My Life of Travel website and you’ll immediately know why it has, is and will continue to be a favorite website of many travelers. It’s very user-friendly – easy to navigate, easy to understand and has a clean layout. For a busy traveler who doesn’t have the luxury of time but who has all the gusto to share his photos and stories with family and friends, the website comes across as appealing to the eye and simple to use.

A big plus for this website is the fact that it automatically maps users’ travels onto an interactive world map, displaying the routes traversed. This produces fancy animated journal maps. And as if that’s not enough to keep users happy, the site’s developers have also made it possible for users to easily insert their videos on their pages (via their YouTube accounts) and quickly navigate through photo albums. Yes, the developers of My Life of Travel is basically spoon feeding its users – and that’s a good thing.

Perhaps the only drawback that the website has (that is, if it can really BE considered a drawback) is its all too simplistic website design and layout. After all, we do know that there are people who might want to see more colors and fancy flash animations here and there.

Still, for the hardcore traveler who wants a website where connections to people who matter are developed and kept, where photos and videos are effortlessly shared, where efficiency counts more than elaborate website design, My Life of Travel is easily the ideal one-stop shop for travel blogs.

So…My life of Travel is definately not a loser..but can this site compete with the big boys from the travel social network niche?



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