Tripwolf is a social travel guide which covers over 200,000 destinations and points of interest throughout the world. Tripwolf is backed by MairDumont, Europe’s largest publisher of travel guides. The website was in the private beta stage and was successfully launched to the public on 1st July.

The site has a pleasant design and the interface is absolute joy to use and won’t take much time to get used to. The site can be viewed in German which is a helpful feature, also a Spanish version will follow in 2009. All the key locations are available in a list which, next to the map, makes it even easier to narrow down on your search. The site contains a Journal which contains experiences of other travelers who have kept a log of their trips. The Galleries are another feature in which you can share your pictures from a place you’ve visited and can view other’s pictures. This helps in socializing with others and also you can plan your trip based on other’s recommendation.

If you feel you are lacking information about the place you are going to visit, there are Trip Gurus who make things easier for you. They are the people who have visited many places and willing to share information and helpful facts about the place you are visiting. You might be lucky to even meet a Trip Guru who has been to the place you have been planning. As you visit more places and when you are sure you can help out other users with their trip plans, you can become a Trip Guru too. You can add new places which you have visited and don’t already exist on the site.

One of the many brilliant features of this site is the Facebook integration. Facebook is a social-networking site which has millions of users throughout the world. If you have a facebook account you can log in through it and add an application called Tripwolf which helps you meet many people with similar interests. The site allows wiki-like editing which allows the users to edit most of the stuff which ensures that the information provided is first-hand. You can drag and drop the places into the scrapbook and print it as a pdf at the end which might be used as a guide/quick reference for accommodation, places to visit, shopping etc.

Geo-tagging, another feature of this site, which can help users find a wide variety of location-specific information. For instance, one can find images taken near a given location by entering latitude and longitude coordinates into a Geo-tagging enabled search engine. The co-ordinates might be useful for travelers who might be using GPS systems. The travel blogs posted on the site show routes on the maps to famous and major tourist spots. The hotels and different sightseeing places are rated by the users which give an idea on prioritizing which places to visit and how much time to spend.

Tripwolf will definitely make planning your trip a memorable one. There is nothing more memorable than a well planned trip and will make you explore the world some more.



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