If you plan on visiting Vegas during the holiday season, you will definitely need to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Las Vegas is extremely crowded during this time of year, especially since it is one of the hottest Christmas and holiday season attractions in the world. Not just the United States, but the entire world.

1. Come prepared for anything. The weather in Vegas can be temperamental, so pack for cold weather and warmer than usual temperatures. Also bring a mixture of shoes – from dress shoes to tennis shoes. Do you really want to walk miles in 5 inch heels? Didn’t think so.

2. Bring plenty of money. Getting stuck in Vegas with no money is a tragedy. So bring extra just in case you lose all of your funds gambling. Though, alcohol is usually free.

3. Book ahead! This is the most important thing. Always plan your vacation far in advanced and don’t bother trying to book just a few days prior to any event or departure. Remember Vegas is a very hot destination and requires plenty of planning to have a good time.

4. Don’t bring kids if you can help it. Vegas isn’t very kid friendly for most, and it’s better to just go with other adults or your significant other.

5. Don’t eat dinner on the holidays. That may sound weird but it is the best tip imaginable. You don’t want to be scrambling for food on New Years Eve. Instead, eat a big lunch and go on with your day.

6. Learn when to stop gambling. Know your limits! You don’t want to get too drunk and then gamble all of your money away (then some).

7. Come prepared to tip like crazy. Almost everyone that works in Vegas relies on tips. Bar tenders, dealers at casinos, slot machine attendants, hotel maids, and more. Hotel maids are probably the most deserving of a good tip –especially if you trashed the room the previous night.

8. Always drink a lot of water. You will get dehydrated fast, especially if you are drinking a lot.

9. Protect your personal information. Identity theft can still happen in Vegas, no matter how safe everything seems. Keep your important documents locked up but always have your I.D. on hand just in case and always be prepared to show your personal information if you DO win a jackpot.

10. Have fun! The best way to survive Las Vegas is to have fun and remember to smile. Don’t be a grouch and always be generous to those that perform services for you such as taking your bags, cleaning your hotel room and bringing you food!



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