If you love to travel and is wondering the travel trends this 2012 look at the list we’ve come up with and be in the loop of what to expect this year.

Air Travel Tax Increase

Check your airplane ticket thoroughly especially at the bottom part to know all the restrictions before making an airfare deal. There is a significant increase in the propose fee on air travel tax specifically in Costa Rica where you need to pay a departure tax of more than $20. In Great Britain they also have this disputable Air Passenger Duty, which is meant to raise fund to offset the environmental impact of flying. 

More Popular Mobile Apps

Expect the apps announcements to be more beneficial and focused this 2012, as travelers demand a phone applications that helps them accomplish more tasks faster. Anything else that will not be helpful and beneficial will be deleted.  

Traveling to South America

For several years now people visiting South America keeps on growing and there is no sign that it will go down this 2012. Quito is opening a bigger airport outside the city and this will accommodate direct flights from Europe thus making it easier to travel in the region. What’s more the attractions in places such as Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Lima are world-class that make it more appealing to travelers around the world. 

Visiting Countries with Established Currencies

Since Ecuador and Panama adopted the currency of US, travelers don’t worry about losing some bucks on currency exchanges. Thus it will it easier for travelers to consider getting airfare deals to these countries instead of going to, say, Greece where accommodations significantly decrease due to issues on financial reforms  and civil unrest.  

Visit Unknown Place

Europe and U.S are always considered to be popular destinations for tourists across the globe. But visiting remote places will significantly increase because of travelers that pursue eco-tourism and adventure travels. Unspoiled beaches and uninhabited islands will be worth exploring for a day or two. 

More Budget Buses

In US there are more bus lines expected to compete with air and rail travel. This idea is meant to provide added services to the travelers like comfortable seating, low fares, city-to-city
service, and of course the Wi-Fi service. 

Spend Less Enjoy More

In the current financial situation budget travelers will look more for value than ever before. There are several things to do in maximizing value during the travel like eating light meals for breakfast and lunch time. Whatever the plan is travelers will try to squeeze as much value as possible. 

Simplified Airport Security

Privilege fliers will be able to enjoy simplified security, which means they don’t have to wait in line and go through those security passes that will require them to remove their belts, shoes, and other things required to be taken off. 

Makeovers in US Accommodations

While hotel constructions are booming significantly in the Middle East it somehow slowed down in US. However that doesn’t mean that hotels in the US will be neglected. In fact old properties are undergoing renovations and major improvements with much more improved technology. In a couple of years Hilton will spend over $2 billion in its properties and Sheraton is looking at $300 million advancement in their sixty hotels. The Algonquin Hotel in New York as well as the Beverly Hotels will also be renovated this 2012. 



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