I have seen hundreds of people writing about various online services that allows you to store your data online so that you can access them at anytime anywhere you want. I always thought it would be a great to have an application that integrates online applications with the local desktop.  When I say that I mean a software that brings all your files together to your Windows Desktop.

Now people use these web services because they are extremely easy to use and majority of them don’t have cost a penny. Gladinet is an awesome tool that offer easy access to your online stored files or across Pcs. As the company itself would say “It is a personal cloud agent, an open online backup platform, and a desktop delivery agent for cloud service providers.”

With Gladinet you can access your online storage space as local folders and access remote folders as local folders. Designed for easy management Gladinet provides password manager with strong encryption and crypto key manage along with file type association and desktop integration. In addition to that it also let’s you access folders on multiple Pcs and use remote access solutions such as DRP or VNC among them.

Some of the highlights include

  • Backup to a Redundant Array of Cloud Storage
  • Supports web hosts such as Amazon S3, Google Docs, Google Picasa, Box.net, EMC Atmos Online, FTP, WebDav, and more
  • Powerful task scheduling for Upload, Download and Delete
  • Gladinet Side Panel: convenient web storage controls
  • Upload/Download Acceleration technology
  • Profile encryption


So next time your traveling make sure to carry this tool with you. Since it will be stored on your laptop you will be to access files remotely from anywhere around the world while your on the go.

Download Gladinet



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