It may be among the least developed places in the globe but your wallet will complain when you travel to Papua New Guinea. Those who may know will really disagree with the title of this article. A lot of people will say budget travel in PNG does not exist.

The tourism infrastructure in this country is next to nothing and as a result only those who are willing to spend a lot. Budget travel though is possible now. Here are some tips on how you can save some money when you visit Papua New Guinea:

Skip the hotel and stay in a village home

Most of the hotels in this place cater to government travelers and the business folks. You will not find a roadside inn here which does not charge below $35. If you are on a really tight budget, you can sacrifice a bit of convenience and comfort and stay for free with a local family.

The locals in PNG are very friendly and are more than willing to welcome strangers to their home. You might not have a nice bed or air-conditioning but think of it as an immersion to the lifestyle of the locals.

The safest way to look for a family willing to accommodate you is just by simply asking. You can ask at churches. They can actually recommend clergy houses that may offer rooms for less. In case they point you to a local host family, a simple gift of food or a small amount will do to show your gratitude.

Cheap airline tickets

The natural geography of Papua New Guinea makes it impossible for a nationwide interconnected roads. The best way to go around the country is by taking planes. You only have two choices. You can opt for Air Niugini or Airlines PNG.

You need to do a thorough research prior to travelling to this destination. You can find flights that will have stopovers in major transportation hubs, so you can actually hop on for the first leg of the trip and see how you can make most of it.

You can also ask Mission Aviation Fellowship if they can accommodate you on their flights for a cheaper rate. This organization brings missionaries and essential supplies to different towns and remote villages.

Work for a boat ride

Port Moresby is the capital of Papua New Guinea. It is also a popular spot where ships dock so the sailors can get some supplies and maintain their boats. A lot of these boats are heading to the other nearby islands and towns. A lot of these boats too are willing to hire workers without pay in exchange for a ride. People at the Royal Papua Yacht Club might be able to point you to the right person to ask in case you are open to the idea.

Ride the PMV

The PMV or public motor vehicle are the fifteen-seater buses that snake thru the national roads of PNG. They have regular stops and is your best option if you want to travel on a budget within city limits. Do not expect these buses to follow their schedules. Traveling after 5pm is also a bad idea since petty criminals are pretty active at night.

Shop in public markets

Ask the locals where you can buy affordable food supplies. They will usually point you to their public markets. Most store owners are not fund of bargaining so you might end up with canned fish, crackers, and potatoes if you are really on a budget. They also have imported goods in case you will crave for a taste of home. Be warned though since the prices of imported goods here are very hire compared to where they came from.



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